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“I combine my training, experiences and knowledge from massage, Yuen Method, AOT (Allergy Overload Technique), Resonance Repatterning, Reiki and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) in every energy healing session…giving your animal exactly what they need in the moment.”

Focus of Energy Sessions

Yuen Method  Yuen Method is an energy method which is used to address abnormal behavioral issues.  Your pet may show up expressing a lack of interest in their normal routine, depressed and sometimes aggressive to you or animals that surround them.  Yuen Method is an energetic healing modality that easily makes changes for people, dogs, cats and horses…actually any animal and/or pet.

AOT (Allergy Overload Technique)  AOT is a method of identifying your pet’s abnormal reactions to his/her environment and the multiple ongoing stresses which rob your pet of their best health and well-being.  This would include, but not limited to foods, chemicals, supplements, etc..  AOT is a modality that works on clearing the neurological reactions to multiple stressors your dog may be having to its environment…food, bedding, yard, dog house, etc..

Revitalizing Technology  Revitalizing Technology is an additional healing modality that enhances your pet’s overall energy system for increased strength, performance and ultimately happiness.

Resonance Repatterning  Resonance Repatterning further addresses your dog’s energetic system and focuses on aligning your dog with the most resonating energy possible.

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