Chiropractic, massage & Yuen Method helps horse in pain:

” I am an Appaloosa who had been around for a few years. Walking was difficult for me and painful. The first time Debbie saw me she giggled and said I walked like an old man, but she also said I had lots of youthfulness left in me. I’m so glad I found Debbie.

One of my problems was my tail was stuck against my body and it hurt to raise it up…so I didn’t. A horse without a tail that moves is a horse that isn’t having a good time of it.

Debbie pulled out her rubber gloves and started massaging me right around my tail. I heard her say that she was doing trigger point therapy on my ligaments around my tail. I don’t know what that is or did I really care. All I know is when she put her thumbs on those things called ligaments I just wanted to sit on her lap because it felt so good. My eyes rolled back and I started to sit down, but she quickly placed her boot up against me to let me know that a horse sitting on her lap wasn’t an option.

Right after my chiropractic adjustment they turned me loose in the arena. I felt like a wild bronco so I jumped and kicked around like one. It felt so good to move like that again…especially being able to lift my tail up in the air like I remember. The next day I was really sore because I moved so much so fast. That was taken care of by Debbie coming to see me several times.

I always knew when she was coming down the drive to the stable. I would start pushing against my stall and knew I was always the first to be adjusted. I fell in love with Debbie and I let her know so every time she came to see me.”

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