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Discover what’s possible by reading others’ experiences with Mind Body Reset© to see what a great match this can be for you in reaching all of your heart’s desires.

Dr. Debbie Thompson is available for one on one and group sessions (couples, families, businesses, etc.).

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Life Changing Shift

Life changing in just one visit – I found a happy place in my thoughts because the energy shifted.

Better than ever – Dr. Debbie’s voice instills comfort and power within you.

Head noise is gone – I’m productive, focused, and less stressed.

Live life with more enthusiasm – I have more enthusiasm for life, plus I’m excited about the future!


New Beginnings

Left me feeling great – 80% of my “to do” list is completed because I have so much energy.

Clarifying – Dr. Debbie helps me get rid of stuff, so that I know what I want.

Beyond amazing – Dr. Debbie picks up on things you’re going through, helping you feel like a new you!

Spiritual clearing – Dr. T set me free from sleepless nights and nightmares.

Fresh start once again – She was compassionate and professional, helping me through one of the most difficult times in my life.

Received good information – Dr. Debbie was attentive and she shared helpful feedback.

What a difference! – I found myself blocked with work and my finances but one session with Dr. Debbie renewed my inspiration.


Peace of Mind

It was a great experience – My session with Your Energy Doctor (Dr. Debbie) reduced my stressful feelings and I no longer feel overwhelmed.

Solid inspirational anti-stress coach – She comes up with ideas.

It’s the best I’ve felt in weeks – I went from feeling unbalanced and sick to feeling totally rejuvenated.

Much improved in one session – I know our continued time together will have a positive impact and I’m looking forward to it.

Lovely experience – I feel an increase in my energy, that even continued days after my session.

Whole being is quite serene – My life was clouded with obstacles that Dr. Debbie removed.



Mind Body Reset©is AMAZING! – Dr. Debbie helped me unravel messy emotional baggage, allowing me to experience a transformational healing process.

Intense positive effect! – Layering Dr. Debbie’s techniques with other self-improvement methods was a wonderful trigger for me.

Clearing out limiting beliefs – I was surprised by how powerful my session was toward clearing my old beliefs.

Amazing – Positive results happened immediately.

Immediate results! – I wasn’t prepared for it to be miraculous instantaneously!

Tremendous weight lifted  – What a master Dr. Debbie is, even after one session.

Dr. Debbie Thompson – Your Energy Doctor
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