Life Changing Shift

Life changing in just one visit

“Was very impressed with the end result of our first meeting as I can hardly wait for the next one. I did feel energy shifting in my life and am feeling better in communicating with others as well as being able to go to a happy place through thought when I feel life stresses pulling me away from my balance.”  Dione

Better than ever!

“The session I had with Dr. Debbie is something I don’t really know how to explain, but a life changing experience. Her voice is also very powerfully healing. I don’t know, hearing her gives you a comfort and POWER. Super Thankful to have been working with her. Simply Amazing!!!”

Dr. Debbie is a blessing in my life. I’m amazed on how accurate her work is and how it works, but the best part is how GOOD you feel after each session and during the days after. Definitively a life changing experience. Love it!” Marta G.

Noise in my head is gone

“My phone session with Dr. Debbie was a life-changing experience. The noise in my head is gone allowing me to focus and be productive. I am calmer and less stressed. I highly recommend you give yourself the “gift” of Dr. Debbie!”  Shirley H.

Live life with more enthusiasm

“Dr. Debbie has uplifted my life with healing, balance and positive energy. She has truly helped me to get my own self out of my way and begin to live life with more enthusiasm, belief in myself and excitement for the future! I would recommend her to anyone who needs things shaken up in a very good way.”  Hillary S.

Dr. Debbie Thompson – Your Energy Doctor
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