New Beginnings

Left me feeling great

“Dr. Deb is a wonderful healer who easily combines so much with Yuen Method healing. My session yesterday left me feeling great and today despite wintery weather in the Northwest I’ve had so much energy I’ve completed 80% of my “to do” list. Thanks Dr. Deb!”  Anna M.


“My first experience with Dr. Debbie was a clarifying moment. To know I was connected to all my ancestors stuff, and that could be contributing to the bricks in my wall, just made sense. Through the meditation I got rid of that stuff and am now working to have a clear view of what I want.”  Mary Jo W.

Beyond amazing

“This review is long overdue. I will forever be indebted in you for all that you did for me. I can’t wait to work with you again! It was my first time working with an Energy Doctor and Dr. Debbie. She is beyond amazing. She picked up on a lot of things I was going through and gave me great tools to use. I feel like a new ME! Everyday my self-esteem is growing. I was able to pass the affirmations you gave me to a friend who was struggling with self-esteem issues. Thank you!”  Jessica L.

Spiritual clearing

“For 16 yrs both of my children & myself had sleepless nights, nightmares & a feeling that we were not alone. They are adults now & still remember “that feeling”. Things began to stir excessively when my son left the home abruptly. I contacted Dr. T not knowing if should could help. We felt a sense of calm come over all of us in the home at the same time she had done her 1st step from her home. I followed up with a full session later in the week and feel as though I have been set free.”  D.K.

Fresh start – once again, Dr. T came through for me

“I’ve experienced Mind Body Reset© sessions with Dr. Debbie Thompson for a few months and have found it very helpful in getting through some rough times and helping me move forward.

Dr. Debbie’s sessions helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life. She is professional, yet compassionate. I have been utilizing her services for over a year. There are few individuals like this with such talent and skill. As a professional airline pilot, I am skeptical, logical, and have a high level of expectations of other professionals. I highly recommend the services offered by Dr. T and her Mind Body Reset©.

The morning of my Boeing 767 checkride, I had a Yuen session with Dr. T. I walked into the simulator with confidence, calmness, and the ability to focus on the task at hand. Thank you, Debbie. You are a blessing to all the lives you touch.”  Laurie L.

Received good info and feedback

“Although I had done a reading with Dr. Debbie over the phone, I got to meet her for the first time last week. She was cordial and attentive. Received good info and feedback from her.”  Beara

What a difference!

“I felt great after my session with Dr. Debbie. Prior to the session, I was really blocked with my work and finances. After my session, I noticed that I became inspired once again… even made a blog post on my website. Something I hadn’t done in 3 months! That alone really was the eye opener.”  Lisa F.


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