Peace of Mind

It was a great experience

“I have had one session with The Energy Doctor. Her space is very relaxing and my session was very effective in reducing my stress and feelings of being overwhelmed by all that I have to do. Thank you Dr. Debbie. I look forward to your help in the future.”   Susie V.

Solid inspirational anti-stress coach

“Debbie is a solid inspirational anti-stress coach. Debbie is very polite and caring. Debbie will look at you on a personable basis and come up with ideas.”  Jeff

Best I felt

“I had come back from a long trip and was very ill and unbalanced, I tried medications and other things to get better. I reached out to Dr. Debbie and I felt rejuvenated and the best I had felt in weeks. Debbie is a professional healer and light worker and is worth millions. Do yourself the favor and give yourself the gift of being with this amazing healer and lover of life.”    Maria

Much improved in one session

“During my time with Dr. Debbie she took the time to explain what she does and asked if I had any questions along the way. After our session I found that the things I told her about were either resolved or much improved in one short session. I look forward to more sessions with Dr. Debbie and the impact our time together will have.”  T.C.

Lovely experience

“It’s always wonderful to be able to “stop and smell the roses.” Especially as it can be quite a challenge these days. I very much enjoyed working with Dr. Debbie and I found the phone session to be very opening and felt an increase in my overall energy level over the next few days. Debbie really knows how to listen and zeroed in on just what I needed. Treat yourself and get an idea of how open we can be to life.”  Kaye K.

Whole being is quite serene

“There are no words to describe my session with Dr Debbie other than amazing. My whole being is quite serene and she has in someway removed obstacles that were clouding my life. This was an awesome experience for me and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to clear out their body and mind.”  Cheryl B.


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