Deep down in your heart you know it is your birthright to create a life that you love by your own design rich with peace, fulfillment, and magnificence.

Do you keep aspiring for that life?


The problem is you may be someone sitting in overwhelm disconnected from who you are destined to be. You have lost yourself down the rabbit holes of busyness, trying to do it right, and meeting others’ expectations. Unconsciously you put one foot in front of the other, disconnected from relationships, and wondering how you got here.

Why is this disconnection happening?


We are taught to do what everyone else is doing, robotically following other’s beliefs, and we enter the rat race of constantly chasing goals you really didn’t want instead of creating a life we love.

When you discover how to apply 3 simple daily steps, you will be able RESET your inner compass systematically to innately navigate down your richest, happiest, and most abundant life.  Your courageous, bold, and free-spirited self will discover how to take charge of neurologically rewiring your mind body with this 3-step process. Physically, emotionally, mentally, and electrically you will naturally align your vibrations with your happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilling life possible.

Expect the Miraculous!

Dr. Debbie Thompson
RESET Energy Lightworker
Holistic Chiropractor


That's why I created a personalized life journey for you...

We will intuitively walk your path together as you unveil your


3-month One-on-One Miraculous YOU!© journey
(Limited space available)
Interested or curious?


Ryoko Nadeau
Life reset energy work - Wow-- Debbie is amazing. I have been her client for over 4 years. In her short session, she goes straight to core issues and knows how to fix them! I am very grateful she is available to share her gift!

Ryoko Nadeau

Worldwide Traveler

Bonnie N.
Life changing, eye and heart opening. Dr. Debbie has a gift! I felt unresolved feelings and thoughts that were preventing me from moving forward. She was able to clear the heaviness I felt by clearing deep ancestral pains that are part of who we are. The noise I felt in the background that weight has continued to life in the days following my session. She presented her intentions so clear and eloquently that was eye opening. The overwhelming negative feelings that had lingered are clear. I look forward to continuing the work!

Bonnie N.


What is a RESET Energy Lightworker?



Being a holistic chiropractor since 1993, I wanted my patients to be able to move beyond chronic pain. Most would be pain-free within 10 weeks, but then the same pain returned within a few months. That wasn’t okay with me. I knew there had to be another way.

In 1996, my quest began to find the solution to end chronic pain cycles. After exploring Quantum Physics, my intuition kicked into high gear.

What did I discover?

Silently I was able use subtle energies to scan, identify, and discharge (delete) multiple hidden unconscious physical, emotional, mental, and electrical disruptions in the nervous system that were keeping chronic cycles in place.

What happened next?

I applied my chiropractic experiences and started using my subtle energy methods remotely with people and animals. What did I experience? My energy work was a game changer remotely for accessing life changing results!

My Intuitive Energy Doctor got sparked up so much that my simple 3-step Life Reset 123© system was put in place. Each Life Reset systematically removes layer after layer of blocks. My clients get access to more and more of their Miraculous YOU!© as the neurological disruptive layers melt away.

My greatest qualifications

My greatest qualifications come from personal life experiences. I've coached and guided thousands of Life Reset Chiropractic patients, animals, and one-on-one remote clients since 1993.

As Your Energy Doctor it's an honor and privilege for you to experience life in a newly empowered way. My invitation is to intuitively walk your divine path to unveil your Miraculous YOU!© and BE your BIGGEST BEST YOU ever!

Curious how I might help you?

Schedule a FREE CONSULT today and Expect the Miraculous! Dr. Debbie

What do you want more of? Love? Health? Fitness? Business Success? Abundance? Prosperity? You are in the right place.

"Together we will remove everything that is not your TRUE YOU!" - Dr. Debbie, Your Energy Doctor

Dr. Debbie throughout the years

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